1. Gone
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Verse I:
I feel, a little better now
Your words are still lingering in my ear
To hear your voice, is a wonderful thing
But it’s just not the same without you here

We’ve been doin’ this for so long now
I cannot count the days that I’ve gone without your smile
These dreams when I sleep don’t keep my company
When you’re gone

Verse II:
I know that this won’t be forever
But that is little consolation to me
Sometimes I feel like I could run to your open arms
Like you’re standing right there next to me

Repeat Chorus (once)

You keep sayin’ it’ll all be OK
That we’ll make it work the way we always do
But my nights aren’t gettin’ warmer
And my heart’s a little colder
Tell me what am I supposed to do

Repeat Chorus (twice)