1. Why I Go
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Verse I:
It’s a mystery, even to me
Why I do the things that I do, most of the time
But then there’s you
Giving that smile like when I first saw you
All those things that I was drawn to, pulling me back in

Pre Chorus:
But don’t ask me
What I’m thinkin’ (feelin’ in 2nd Pre Chorus)
Or try to get me to give you something
To wrap your head around

Don’t watch me as I walk in
Don’t watch me as I leave
It’s a sight you’ve seen but one too many times
What should be headlights in your window
Are always taillights in the rain
And the truth is that I don’t even know
Why it is I go

Verse II:
The sun it rises, on an empty room
But sometimes it wakes us, hits us, right between the eyes
We both know better than to think I’m ever gonna change
But the rules to this game that we’re playin’ are broken
Your heart ain’t far behind

Repeat Chorus (once)

Oh I don’t know how I’m ever gonna live with you
Or make it on my own
But there I go tryin’ to fool myself again
I’m gettin’ real good at the runnin’
Most women like you would be “one and done”
And yet, you seem to find your reasons, to keep me hangin’ round

Repeat Pre Chorus:

Repeat Chorus: (once)