What I'm working on

So I originally set out to use this blog platform, to let fans get to know ME better.  Get to know me by starting from the beginning and telling MY story.  Just some bits and pieces about my life and how it has progressed and gotten me, well...here.  Tonight though, I just thought I'd tell you that I've decided to make some changes in 2022. Changes with my "day job", my live shows, etc. I want to give my music career, as much attention as I possibly can.  I am writing, rewriting, recording new material, even as soon as later in December.  I look to add more of my original music to my "cover shows" in 2022, as well as add some MOSTLY original shows, where I can.  I hope you'll continue to follow me and share my original music, info about my shows, and more. Those are the very BEST ways to support me!  Follow me on Spotify too.  I have many goals, but first and foremost is to write and record songs that touch people, even if it's just a line or two.  I believe that if I can do this then the rest will fall into place....whatever that even means.  Thank you SO much, for coming along!

All the best!